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Sean Gospel & The Nightstalkers - Unbeliever Boogie (CASS)


As a founding member of The Gospels as well as independent label Ghoulhouse Records, Sean Gospel is on a rock and roll warpath. His preceding release Good Times With Bad Acid (Ghoulhouse Records), caught attention of underground heavyweight rock & roll zine RAZORCAKE. Saying, "It’s like he tapped straight into the jugular of Ty Segall and just let all the thrash and scuzz squirt out to the heavy bass thump of his sleazy, soulful heart. With many a tambourine slap, bass drum thump, rolling, wandering melodies, and heavy-graveled, distorted vocals, Sean Gospel stays true to a lo-fi garage sound. Castle Face loyalists take notice."

As well as 50thirdand3rd saying, "This is explosive r’n’r playedStooges raw; you know there’s blood on the guitar, blood on the drums, blood on the stage. Handclaps, tambourine, singalongs, a dirty, dirty guitar sound and a goulash of at least three decades of music – from 50s doo-wop to 60s garage to 70s glam rock and roll. Kick out the jams indeed".

Following on the heels of his full length album, Unbeliever Boogie (Ghoulhouse Records) is a heavy psych exploration all its own. The album opens up with "Get Sick." A devastating fuzzed out sludge anthem song reminding us to keep rock & roll filthy. After the stage is set, the album moves into the dark & dirty with songs "Hustle-Face" and the title track "Unbeliever Boogie" before ending with the more psychedelic track "Son Of Man."

With his band The Nightstalkers, Unbeliever Boogie is a dark union of heavy psych and garage. For fans of The Stooges, Oblivians and Ty Segall, Sean Gospel provides a new soundtrack with all the occult rock fix-ins you could want.

Sean Gospel & The Nightstalker's Unbeliever Boogie is out June 28th 2016 on Ghoulhouse Records.

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